Welcome! Sex Geekdom Singapore is a sex-positive community -- a space for like-minded folk to share knowledge, be candid, get curious, and discuss freely everything about sex, sexuality, sexual health & sexual wellbeing.

We share a secret Facebook group for us to collaborate, connect, share articles/resources/services, and stay updated on events such as socials, talks, workshops, and other sex-positive gatherings.

Please note: While sexual liaisons are certainly not forbidden, Sex Geekdom events aren't intended to be spaces to meet sexual partners. There are more suitable events for that. It's about sharing ideas and building a community around sex-positivity, openness, curiosity, self-awareness, and the occasional sexy pun joke.
Read a brief intro about our values of inclusivity and holistic sex-positivity :

The international Sex Geekdom's Essential Values: http://www.sexgeekdom.com/essential-values/
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